Adrian F Bloomfield


Mortgage & Banking Consultant

Adrian Bloomfield has carried out tasks and projects for many institutions, dealing with
issues such as acquisitions, systems, processes, policies, procedures, and marketing.

Projects have involved determining and/or considering prospects for new business
operations or diversifications. Adrian Bloomfield fully understands the concept of profit
and the requirements to maximise revenue and minimise costs.

The tasks have included preparing projections and business plans and have involved
entire ‘turn–key’ instructions; coordinating everything from identifying, recruiting and
training key personnel, negotiating for premises, dealing with legal requirements and
licenses, organising IT user needs, preparing operating procedures and manuals,
through to the initial marketing campaign and launching the new activity.

Consultancy projects have also included fund raising and advising and making
introductions for substantial finance; and mergers, acquisitions, valuations
and company disposals.

Adrian Bloomfield is highly experienced in short and long term banking/lending;
and prime and non-conforming; and personal and commercial lending.

Adrian Bloomfield is a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee
of the Association of Short Term Lenders (astl).

Executive Director, Business Consultant & Non-Executive Director


Adrian Bloomfield acts as a director or a consultant or a non-executive director to several
small to medium sized companies connected with financial or other services. Current
assignments include:

    • Adrian Bloomfield Limited

      (Consultancy and Expert Witness service) – Chief Executive

    • Allegiance Insure Limited

      (Insurance broker) – Consultant

    • Arrow Professional Services Limited

      (Arranging acquisitions and providing business management advice) – Chief Executive

    • Astute Capital

      (Short term lender) – Director

    • Barton Bridging

      (Short term lender) – Consultant

    • Edinburgh Mortgage Corporation

      (Mortgage lender and financial asset managers) – Director

    • Finanta

      (Short term intermediary and lender) – Consultant

    • Flexible Funding

      (Short term lender) – Consultant

    • NCI Resources Limited

      (Leading provider of field and advocacy services) – Chief Executive

    • Quantum

      (Chartered valuers) – Consultant

    • Thornby Associates

      (A specialist consultancy firm providing secretariat services to trade associations) – Consultant

Experience & Past Activities

And in recent years Adrian Bloomfield has acted as a director or advisor or consultant to
many other financial and service businesses including:

  • Asset Recoveries UK Limited

    (leading financial asset manager)

  • Berkeley Smythe LLP

    (Intermediary) – Chairman

  • Court Agency Management Services (CAMS)

    (advocacy service)

  • Dancastle Associates

    (short term lender)

  • Dunstan Thomas

    (computer software provider)

  • Ernst and Young


  • FDC Inc

    (credit card administrator)

  • Fincorp

    (Short term lender) – Consultant

  • Freedom Finance Group

    (mortgage broker)

  • Investec

    (international bank)

  • Nationwide Document Collection

    (Document sign up and collection service) – Consultant

  • Nationwide Personal Searches (NPS)

    (leading provider of personal local searches for HIPs and the legal profession)

  • Nereus Infolink

    (computer software provider)

  • Paragon Group

    (finance house)

  • Ravjani Holdings

    (diverse trading group)

  • Savills

    (Chartered surveyors) – Consultant

  • Shakespeare Martineau

    (London city law practice) – Consultant

  • The Mortgage Operation

    (mortgage packer and broker)

  • Wessex Insurance Group

    (insurance company)

In the capacity of director and especially when acting as chief executive Adrian Bloomfield
has taken full responsibility for protecting and increasing shareholder value and for the
profitability and smooth running of the business.

In addition in the capacity of consultant and non executive director Adrian attends regular
board meetings and assists the management on trading, and marketing issues and offers
strategic business advice.